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Leases – Representing Landlords

Residential Leases: If a realtor is involved, the realtor generally provides residential lease documents.  However, leasing property on your own may not be as easy as you think.  A residential lease is just part of the process.  Other disclosures may be required, including information on lead-based paint for certain buildings.  Mold and dangerous pets are becoming serious residential rental issues.  Landlords must consider these and other legal matters to help reduce potential liability exposure and protect your property, including an appropriate lease agreement and other related documents if you do not have a qualified realtor advising you.

Commercial Leases:  Commercial leases are complicated. We assist both landlords and tenants on commercial leases.  Issues to consider include the rent, term, options to renew, who pays the real estate taxes, insurance, utilities, basic repairs, major repairs, rights of first refusal, and a variety of other provisions.

Farm Leases:  Farm leases include specific issues not in other leases, including terms to make sure land remains in land use, weed control, crop rotation issues, timber extraction and management, hunting rights, fences, and retention of owner and family access to name a few.